AvatVision – The Deenges for Armenia

This time a genre that rarely impresses me will represent Armenia. Tbh I don’t know how exactly to call this genre /maybe electro pop/ and I don’t understand how this band could become my drug.


Once upon of time , during a cold winter night of 2010 an Armenian film director Mikael Vardanyan  ( the short-haired one ) and Syriran-arab cameraman Tamam Hamza (the longhaired one) were smoking something in an apartment somewhere in Yerevan and were editing a movie produced by Mikael Vardanyan. Soon they decided to join and to create a band. They called their band The Deenjes (the lazies) and uploaded some videos into YouTube. Innitially it was supposed to compose just 1 song and to share it with the friends.  Soon they already had 1000-2000 fans who started to rape the repeat bottom in youtube encouraging them to upload additional stuff..

Nearly all the videos of this band were shut in the WC of Mikayel and edited in his livingroom.

The songs 

Song 1. – ” Գուցե՜ չկանք” / “Maybe we don’t exist” 

A song about 2 human beings loving each other and imagining themselves as personages of someone’s dream. (Lyrics to be translated if it wins)

Song 2. – “Ուտեմ քեզ” / “Let me eat you”

The direct translation of the lyrics and the video look something freak cannibalistic but it isn’t but a love song. In Armenian “let me eat you”, “let me eat your heart” and eating different parts of human body are expression demonstrating love towards the on who is going to be “eaten”.  🙂

Song 3. – “Գնում ես մնա” / “If you want to go, stay!”

Song about complicated love relationships . In the song guys used a part from old record of the Armenian classical poet Paruyr Sevak “To be honest I’m tired”:



Voting : Chose your favourite version in the poll bellow and please post below your top 3 /I’m checking some technical things 🙂 /. Please….

And “Maybe we don’t exist” wins in our NF and waits for its chance to shine in Tallinn😁 

Thank you everyone for your participation! I really appreciate it 😉 thanks!


24 thoughts on “AvatVision – The Deenges for Armenia

  1. Hi!
    1.- Song N°2: “Let Me Eat You”
    2.- Song N°1: “Maybe We Don’t Exist”
    3.- Song N°3: “If You Want To Go, Stay!”

  2. 1st – Song N°2: “Let Me Eat You” (added to my shopping list)
    2nd – Song N°3: “If You Want To Go, Stay!”
    3rd – Song N°1: “Maybe We Don’t Exist”

  3. I also voted for song 1.So my ranking is:

    1.song 1 “Maybe we don’t exist”
    2.Song 3 “If you want to go, stay”
    3.Song 2 “Let me eat you”

  4. Hey, Avat! Nice genre change from you 😉
    Here’s my ranking :
    Gold : Let me eat you
    Silver : Maybe we don’t exist
    Bronze : If you want to go, stay

  5. Here are the Danish votes 🙂

    1st: Song 3. – “Գնում ես մնա” / “If you want to go, stay!”
    2nd: Song 2. – “Ուտեմ քեզ” / “Let me eat you”
    3rd: Song 1. – ” Գուցե՜ չկանք” / “Maybe we don’t exist”

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