A song for Lena Chamamyan – Syria

Lena Chamamyan was born in Damascus city where she finished her elementary and secondary education through which she held many school concerts. She is of of armenian descent.  She started to studying music at the age of nine, she graduated from the economics management department at Damascus University in 2002. while she was studying at the higher institution of music in Damascus , she graduated as a classical vocalist in 2007. Throughout her university education, she joined many workshops in the field of classic music with Gloria Skalki (Italy ) Karmen Filarna ( Italy ) Mia bits ( Netherlands ). She also joined Jazz workshops, most importantly, with the German Accordionist ( Manfred leuschter ).this resulted in lena and Manfred featured on each others albums and many concerts in Syria and Germany . She also worked with many vocalists and musicians of different nationalities in many jazz festivals in Syria. The idea of the project was born before Lena started to study music academically. Classic was mixed with oriental jazz and Armenian music to reflect the unique essence of Lena’s style as a vocalist. She was charmed from the very beginning by the idea of mixing simple oriental tunes with cords. Many friend from the high institution of music helped Lena understand and conceptualize the project the first of whom was Basel Rajoub who arranged the music and managed the project. They together won the middle east first award presented by radio Monte Carlo in 2006 for ( Hal Asmarellon ) album that was produced by the means of the grant given to him by ( almawred althakafi ) institution ( Egypt ) . This helped to enrich the artistic abilities reflected on their second step of the project , the album ( Shamat ) .


Song 1. Love In Damascus


Song 2. Lamma bada

Song 3. Sheherazade


Voting : As always rank below the songs /12 -10-8 points/.

Thank you guys for voting.

Here are the redults:

Love In Damascus  Lamma bada Sheherazade
mermaid 8 12 10
Donnie 10 8 12
Dino 8 10 12
oxi 12 10 8
arpatilaos 10 12 8
tehoe 12 8 10
The Anders 8 12 10
Alex Lefteris 12 8 10
Ren 12 8 10
dimitris 8 10 12
Hjallis 8 12 10
luke 8 10 12
Shevek 10 8 12
Tecku 10 8 12
togravus 8 10 12
ellie 8 12 10
Razvan 12 10 8
ovidarch 12 8 10
Total 176 176 188

And Lena performs live the winning song:


36 thoughts on “A song for Lena Chamamyan – Syria

  1. 12pts: Love In Damascus
    10pts: Lamma bada
    08pts: Sheherazade

    I like all three of them.
    Good luck!

      1. Nope! If this is your first comment in my blog then it needed autorisation! For the first time in the history of AvatVision I will say that Love in Damascus is my favorite song here and it was my initial internal choice! 🙂

  2. Hi. Here are the UK votes:

    8 points: Song 1 – “Love in Damascus”
    10 points: Song 3 – “Sheherazade”
    12 points: Song 2 – “Lamma Bada”

    Good luck 🙂

  3. The German jury has finalized their votes.

    8 pts go to… Song 2. Lamma bada
    10 pts go to… Song 3. Sheherazade

    And our top 12 POINTS go to… Song 1. Love In Damascus!

  4. The Israeli jury has convened and these are our votes:
    8 pts go to Song 1 Love In Damascus
    10 pts go to song 2 Lamma bada
    and our 12 pts go to Song 3 Sheherazade!
    Good luck!

  5. This is perfect. I just love Lena Chamamyam. Would love to give 12 to all of the songs.
    Here’s my votes
    12 points Lamma Bada
    10 points Sherazade
    8 points Love in Damascus

    Thank you so much Avatarmenia introducing Lena here!

  6. 12 pts – ‘Sheherazade’
    10 pts – ‘Love in Damascus’
    08 pts – ‘Lamma bada’

    Thanks for the songs, Avat!

  7. Here are the results from the French jury!

    8 – Lamma Bada
    10 – Love in Damascus

    and the French 12 points go to Sheherazade!

    Good luck Avat 🙂

  8. The Polish jury loves all 3 songs. 🙂

    8 pts – Love in Damascus
    10 pts – Lamma bada
    12 pts – Sheherazade

  9. Hello everyone, here are the points from the New Zealand jury:
    12pts: Love In Damascus
    10pts: Sheherazade
    08pts: Lamma bada

    Great choice to choose Lena, this will add some much-needed Middle Eastern flavour to the contest. Best of luck! 🙂

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