RetroAvatVision – Rosy Armen VS Sergey Davidyan

Two artsits competing for the right to represent Armenia in FDLC.  Rosy Armen submited 3 songs while Sergey Davidyan just 2. How to vote ? As always rank below your Top 5 .

  1.  Rosy Armen – Hingala /Harvest song/

2. Sergey Davidyan – Arajin siro erg /The song of the first Love/

3. Rosy Armen -Garun Erevan /Beautiful Yerevan/

4. Sergey Davidyan – Im Erevan /My Yerevan/

5. Rosy Armen – Es mi sirun tgha tesa /I saw a handsome guy/


Intresting fact number 1. 

Rosy Armen participated in Spanish Selection for Eurovision back in 1970. In the 1970 Spanish National selection for Eurovision , 2 artists sang the same song. Julio Iglesias won the ticket to Eurovision that year with ‘Gwendolyne’. The 2nd artist was Rosie Armen:

Intresting fact number 2. 

The author of the songs 2 and 4 is famous in Soviet composer from Armenia – Arno Babajanyan. For decades his songs were mega hits in USSR and his most famous project was with Azerbaijanian-Sovietic singer Muslim Magamaev:


Armenian-Azerbaijanian tandem rocked in Soviet back in 60-70s.

Intresting fact number 3. 

The song number 3 is the “popified” version of a classic music by Aram Khachaturyan /big name in the Armenian music and not only/.


The host is the grand son of the singing guy from the video above – Khoren Levonyan /actor/.

Interval act: The most beloved part of an Armenian opera called “Anush” by Lilit Adibekyan /with English subtitles/.


Song 1. 102 points

Song 2. 108 points

Song 3. 77 points

Song 4. 81 points

Song 5. 105 points

The winner is “The song of the first love”

About the winner:

  1. It is the OST of the movie with the same title.
  2. Movie is about an artist /Arsen/ who forgets about his family geting lost in fame. He leaves his wife but because of his lifestyle soon he looses his popularity and fame. Soon his wife finds “an alternative”. The song sounds close to the end of the movie : during the culmination of the “Love triangle story” where everything gets clear without any word ….


It was spring around,

Trees were dancing because of weak wind

All around you could smell the flavour of the spring

And it was the day we had a kiss for the first time:
Oh my dear and the only one…..

I live and breathe just for you

And my lips always pronounce your name

Just your name my sun and my happiness

Oh my dear and the only one…..

It was long ago

But I haven’t forgotten that day

I haven’t forgotten that spring and that lovely park

Let’s go to that garden once again

And let’s remember that spring of our love once again

Oh my dear and the only one…..



38 thoughts on “RetroAvatVision – Rosy Armen VS Sergey Davidyan

  1. From most to least favourite :
    1.Song 1
    2.Song 2
    3.Song 5
    4.Song 4
    5.Song 3

    So excited to see you staying for this edition!!!
    Good luck dear Avat (from Italy :p )

  2. I think I’m a bit more on Donnie’s side here:

    1. Song 5
    2. Song 1
    3. Song 2
    4. Song 3
    5. Song 4

    Good luck, Armenia! 🙂

    1. I mean I was considering it for my #1 or #2 too but then I thought it would fail to impress in case it won this NF and went to compete in FdlC 11 where most of the HoDs would listen to it for the first time…

      1. That’s why I voted for song#1 and #2 above song #5 as I considered instant appeal and possible higher ranking for Avat too, but I would be glad if any song in my top 3 won 😉

  3. Exquisite small national final with a strong French influence. 🙂

    1st Rosy Armen – Es mi sirun tgha tesa
    2nd Rosy Armen – Hingala
    3rd Sergey Davidyan – Arajin siro erg
    4th Rosy Armen – Garun Erevan
    5th Sergey Davidyan – Im Ereven

    Good luck!

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