Fête de la Chanson 5: National Final of Armenia – 5 songs from The Beautified Project

This time The Beautified Project  is chosen internally to represent Armenia. The Beautified Project is an English-language Melancholic Alternative Rock band formed in London in 2005 by singer/songwriter Andre Simonian.

The permanent members of the band are Andre Simonian, Armen Shaverdian, Arlen Shaverdian. The Beautified Project is the first internationally recognized English-language band out of Armenia. In 2006, The Beautified Project, Andre Simonian’s solo project at the time, released its first demo album, ‘Serenades for Insanity’ in London. In 2008 the band recorded and released its first official album, ‘Behind the Happy Mask’. 

‘Behind the Happy Mask’ is the FIRST English-language album ever released in Armenia. The album gained much success that the band went on to release six official music videos off of this album, one of which went as far as being aired by the MTV and PMC.

In 2010, the band released its 2nd official album ‘Beyond the Butterfly’ to a critical acclaim. The first single off the album ‘Butterfly’, became the band’s biggest hit to date, gaining them a place on MTV. The success of the album was followed by several successful concerts in London, Vienna, Georgia and Armenia. During the band’s UK tour, the international branch of BBC made a documentary about The Beautified Project. In May 2011, The Beautified Project recorded a duet, ‘Broken Smile’, with the lead singer Mick Moss of the world-known English Melancholic rock band Animatter In December 2011 the band signed a deal with St. Mongoose Entertainment, becoming the first rock band out of Armenia who got signed with an American Record Label.

In 2009 The Beautified Project took part in the National Final of Eurovision Song Contest trying to represent Armenia in Moscow. In 2011 The Beautified Project recorded a cover of the famous Armenian song KILIKIA which became the most watched rendition of that song on youtube. In 2012, The Beautified Project won a national award in Armenia as The Best Armenian Rock Band. In early 2012 the band made its first few steps in the American market by appearing on several American Radio Stations. In 2013 the band won The Ambassadors of Armenia in the World Award at Radio Van Awards. In 2013 The Beautified Project won an Award as The Best Armenian Rock Band out of Armenia.   The Beautified Project released its new album, entitled ‘United We Fall’ in October 2013. The album release is  being followed by a European tour.

Here are the songs competing to represent Armenia in Lyon:

1.   Broken Smile (Feat. ANTIMATTER)

2. Save me

3. Wait ! (Feat. Sona Rubenyan)

4. All Alone

5. Red Rivers

Rules: Post your top 5 bellow. The final decision will be based on 50%/50% system.  We appreciate your active opinions and participation. 

Songs of the band which missed the national final.

Results of televoting.

All alone Save me Broken smile Red rivers Wait
Dino Mil 12 8 6 4 2
Mermaid 6 8 4 12 2
xello92 6 8 4 12 2
Donnie Darko 8 2 12 6 4
tecku 8 6 4 12 2
togravus 12 2 8 6 4
Shevek 8 12 6 2 4
Niclas A. 6 4 12 8 2
guitaristbl 12 8 6 2 4
dimitrisesc 8 2 12 6 4
Oxi 6 2 12 8 4
Total 92 62 86 78 34
Jurors Televote Total points
All alone (winner) 8 12 20
Save me 4 4 8
Broken smile 12 8 20
Red rivers 6 6 12
Wait 2 2 4
32 32 64

Combined results:

“All alone” represents Armenia in Lyon. We hope to repeat “Not Alone”‘s results.  Thank you guys for your participation.

Yerevan meets the wining song with fireworks 🙂


33 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 5: National Final of Armenia – 5 songs from The Beautified Project

  1. I really think you should stick to your group’s identity and avoid the more popish choice which is “Wait!” . Sounds too disney and inauthentic for a rock group like “The Beautified Project”

    “Save me” is bland and generic. My last choice out of your 5 nominations.
    I would be fine with any of the rest three. Let me listen to them one more time!

    1. I tried to make national selection with songs targeted to different groups /with the same band/ 🙂 . Wait was produced for Pop Idol winner Sona Rubenyan’s promotion and here is why it is bit different from band’s usual stuff. But what fascinates me most of all is your top 5 and the fact that your songs underlined (Wait and Save me) just grabbed their places in the NF from these songs:

      1. I prefer them both to the ones you chose and I will miss them from your NF. But I understand u wanted to create diversity. It’s ok.

  2. My final ranking (I will beg to differ):
    1.Broken smile
    2.All alone
    3.Red rivers
    5.Save me.
    I suggest you go with either “Broken smile” or “All alone”. The melancholy tunes work better with ET and FDLC crowd.
    “Red rivers” is way too rock for the audience u are aiming to grab here same as “Save me” but the latter is way too generic as well imo and I can not see it doing well.
    “Wait!” is insincere for a group such as “The Beautified Project” but at least it could get some points from the “pop crowd” such as Alex, Max, Tecku etc.
    Hope u appreciate my honest thoughts!
    Good luck!!!

  3. Hello Armenia!

    This is the Slovak jury calling from Bardejov. We found the time to listen to the songs while the tomato sauce was simmering in the kitchen. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing those songs with us. The Beautified Project are a great band excelling in a variety of styles and genres. Here is the result of the Slovak jury vote:

    1st All Alone ❤
    2nd Broken Smile 🙂
    3rd Red Rivers 🙂
    4th Wait!
    5th Save Me 😦

    Good luck!

    P.S. I love "Why Kill It?" too. 🙂

  4. Here is the Moldovan vote coming to you from the Et Cetera winery:

    1. Save me
    2. All alone
    3. Broken Smile
    4. Wait
    5. Red Rivers

    The Moldovan jurors enjoyed the songs immensely and raise their glasses to Armenia. 🙂

  5. I am treating myself to some online shopping today … and I have just bought my 2 favourite songs from this national final too. 🙂

    1. I must demand some bonuses or atleast their latest album from Andre for their promotion 🙂
      Reticently the FB page “Armenia in Eurovision” made a poll “Who should go to ESC this time”! Results were annoying X-Factor-Voice participants, shake shake ladies etc. And nobody mentioned a band which atleast speaks English quite well (Unlike all our participants except Sirusho), was intrested in ESC, a band that nearly always affords quality in what they do …. Later remembered that my brother was invited to their concert (“Why Kill it”‘s video is from that concert dedicated to journalists killed in conflicting areas) and asked me to go with him. Both of us were extremely tired and hungry (after job) and decided to stay there for10-20 minutes! But guys and Liberta quartet just made us stay there till the end, forget about hunger and relax. After this it would be greatest crime from the Armenian HoD’s side towards guys if we’d pick this time Lilith Hovhannisyan ignoring one of our favorite bands one more edition 🙂 !

      1. I can understand your frustration. Here in Germany, things aren’t any brighter in most years.

        And as a general rule: Whenever you don’t feel like going somewhere, be it a party, a dinner or a concert, you’ll have the time of your life on most occasions. That’s what life has taught me. 🙂

  6. Here are the votes from Germany:

    12 Broken smile
    08 Red rivers
    06 All alone
    04 Save me
    02 Wait

    Good night and good luck! 🙂

  7. Hey Avat ! Here are my votes :

    2 points to Red Rivers
    4 points to Wait !
    6 points to Broken Smiles
    8 points to Save Me
    12 points to All Alone

  8. 12pts Broken Smile
    10pts Red Rivers
    08pts All Alone
    06pts Wait
    04pts Save Me

    Great job, Avat! Good luck!

    PS: Listening to my fav Broken Smile once again 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 Since we don’t have 10 points your points for the bottom 4 entries will be reedited (8,6,4,2)! Now my situation is getting very weird as if I apply 50/50 method the top 2 entries will have equal results! If nothing changes televoting will have priority!

  9. And once again, why favourite song has won. 🙂

    Looking at the line-up of FdlC 5, I feel tempted to refuse voting. It will be a sacrilege to leave some of the songs out of my top 10.

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